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Pricing Guide

Custom Long-Arm Machine Quilting 

Quilt Preview

If you have a quilt top and aren't sure how you'd like it quilted, just email me a photo.

I can show you designs using a quality photo, so you can see the quilting before a needle has touched the quilt.

This service is offered free of charge. For more information, see the Quilt Preview page.

Quilt Repair Service

The charge for antique quilt repair is $35 per hour plus the cost of materials.

Machine Quilt Pricing
An all-over quilting design costs between $.025 (simple meander) to $.05 per square inch. 

Extensive custom design work will be $.03.5 to $.08 per square inch.   

To Calculate the Cost of Quilting
Calculate the number of square inches in your quilt:  Multiply length in inches by width. 

Multiply that number by $.025 or more depending on your desired quilt design.

We have a minimum charge of $60.00 for quilting services regardless of size. 

Additional Services Offered
Machine Binding
To sew on bindings, the cost is $0.175 per inch.

To calculate the cost, add the length of the four sides of your quilt and multiply by .15.

To hand sew bindings, the cost is $0.25 per inch. 

Piece Backing:     
  $10.00 (2 fabric strips)    
  $15.00 (3 fabric strips)

Prepare Your Quilt for Quilting
*Cut long threads on back of quilt.
*Batting and backing should be at least  6” larger than quilt top.
*Press entire quilt top and backing.        

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